Happy Holidays~! In the spirit of the season, I now present you guys: The Dungeons and Dragons In-Game Achievements and Player Rewards System~! Woohoo! ^^ Anyways, the D&D In-Game Achievements work just like the X-Box 360’s Achievement System. After getting one of the achievements, the player will gain AP (Achievement Points) and cash it here on the Character Rewards Shop. Moving on, here’s the current list of Achievements and Rewards: (more to come!)

D&D In-Game Achievements

  • MVP (Deals the most damage in two consecutive encounters, in one session)
  • Tank (Lost the most life in two consecutive encounters, in one session)
  • Foe Hunter (Kill 10 non-minions of the same name in the campaign)
  • Minion Slayer (Kill more than 10 minions in one session)
  • Lucky Shot (Get more than 4 Natural Twentys in one session)
  • The One (Get more than 3 Natural Ones in one session)
  • Double Kill (Killed two or more non-minion creatures in one attack, in one session)
  • Triple Kill (Killed three or more non-minion creatures in one attack, in one session)
  • Save Me (Three Consecutive failed saves, in one session)
  • Miss You (Three Consecutive missed attacks versus one enemy, in one session)

Character Rewards Shop

  • Power Overwhelming: 1 AP, during the next Session, as a free action, Immediate Reaction: Twist your Fate. Trigger: Target misses an attack. Effect: Target Rerolls an attack; If the target is an ally, grant a +1/tier untyped bonus.
  • Modify the Phase Variance: 1 AP, as a free action at any time: Roll an Effect on the Fun List.
  • Something for Nothing: 2 AP, get a Character Level+2 Item even in the middle of a campaign
  • Show Me The Money:  2 AP, obtain enough gold equal to Character Level+1 Item
  • Operation CWAL: 3 AP by one character, all Experience earned in the next encounter x1.5

That’s it~! Post any comments and suggestions here. Good Luck, and Happy Hunting~!

PS> I will update this thread in case anyone gets an achievement during one of our game sessions. Also, if the player is an Officer, I will update his Council Page accordingly.
PSS> I will update all of the Council Pages with their current characters later tonight.