• We are the Clan of Zodiac Braves
    • Abbreviated: CZB
    • Shorthand: Braves
    • In Code: lucavi
  • We were once the Impulse Guild
  • We were once the Tropang Gaius
  • We were once ARMS


  • The Clan of Zodiac Braves are formed as a group of like-minded individuals
  • CZB is primarily a Gaming Clan, but will expand its objectives if need be


  • The Clan of Zodiac Braves are formed by the following people:
    • Any person who was active in any of the previous incarnations of CZB
    • Any person who is approved by at least three council members


  • The Clan of Zodiac Braves are headed by a Council, each of which are considered equals
  • The Founder of the Clan is not an Officer unless he is voted to be a part of the Council
  • The Council is formed by 12 voted members of the Clan
  • Each Council member can choose from any of the 12 Zodiacs as a representation


  • The Clan of the Zodiac Braves grant the following powers to its members:
    • Each Officer can vote amongst themselves in order to decide upon disputes and grievances within the Clan


  • The Clan of the Zodiac Braves will have a Bi-Annual Meeting attended by at least six of the twelve council members